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I am a Software Developer at Deutshce Telekom AG, Germany, primary focussing on the development of modules for OSGi Software Stack in Qivicon - a renowned Smart Home solution from Deutsche Telekom. I had completed my Bachelor’s Degree from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, India in 2012 and recently finished my Master’s Degree from Technical University of Munich, Germany. I have experiences in enterprise Internet of Things related projects, in Modular Application Development using OSGi and in Eclipse Frameworks (Eclipse SmartHome, Eclipse Kura, Eclipse RCP, EMF, Equinox).

I am also a passionate Java Developer and an Enthusiast. It’s my passion to work with my mac all day long, garnering knowledge from heterogenous sources, fiddling around with cool things in Java. That’s why, here I would love to enumerate Java-related miscellaneous articles and remnants to demonstrate the versatility of Java.

I hope you would love them.