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This is Amit Kumar Mondal and I'm a 2012 B.Tech graduate from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur (NIT Durgapur) in IT. Currently I worked at Schneider Electric, Bangalore for last 2 years and currently enrolled at Technical University of Munich, Germany for masters study. This is my personal blog which I have created for keeping my thoughts in a place where it could be immaculate. I don't love to be ostentatious or pedant. It's what I really am. I am frantic in exploring the unexplored. This is what is inside me. That's why it is nomenclatured "AMIT INSIDE".

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Life at its new

It’s been a long since I have written a post by own. Most of all, I share such info which I think to be a novel one or somewhat funny. But this time, I thought I should write something by my own. As you already can imagine, it’s all about the recent phase of my life which has had a makeover. If you are finding it difficult to presume or assume it, I would love to draw the line. I am in Munich, Germany for my masters. I have had the admission in the best engineering university in Germany - Technical University of Munich. It’s not a pride but a privilege. Let’s keep it apart. I would love to discuss some of the things that intrigued to write it. It’s all about Germany. First of all, if you think that you can survive here speaking English always, you are wrong then. At least you have to have a basic knowledge of German. I would keep it in tact - A1 level at least so that you can ask for product names if you need ones. I have travelled mostly in Berlin and a few in Munich so far. It’s true that Munich is far more happening place that Berlin but Berlin owns the most scenic beauties. It depicts what we see in movies. Apart from it, the commuting system is quite advanced here. People mostly prefer to use the public transport as it is well-connected and very much punctilious. “Irregular” or its german translation doesn’t appear in any Deutscher’s book. Here it is acutely exact. No delay in its timings. Sound Pollution - what the f*** is that?. I have heard honks once or twice every two weeks. So, if you are honked at, then it signifies the driver is calling you ass-a-hole. Before coming to Germany, I have read somewhere that Germany is a late back country which doesn’t like new technologies so easily. But after 2 weeks, I would say no to it as I have seen some restaurants using BitCoins which are pretty new to the world. So, guys please!!! This would be a miniatured version that I loved to share. Hope to enrich it again. Ciau!!

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  • September 16th, 2014

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What is the most catastrophic mistake made by an intern at a company?

Answer by Anonymous:

kill -9 14324

copied wrong PID.
And that’s how I stopped Airtel Africa live server for full night (exactly 7 hours, 32 minutes and 37 seconds) till I received around 250 mails from the client side and a ‘fired’ mail from my manager :D Tough night, ah!
What is the most catastrophic mistake made by an intern at a company?
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  • August 22nd, 2014

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What are some of the most memorable Game of Thrones quotes?

"The" Quote

Answer by Krunal M Harne:

Gives me goosebumps every single time I watch it!

"Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb,but they refuse. They  cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions! Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is!”

- Littlefinger (S03E06)


Short version: The climb is a metaphor for achieving power, and the ladder (chaos) is how Littlefinger climbs. When things are in disarray it allows him to manipulate so that he is ahead. Chaos means the great houses overlook his birth, because they need him. It means they are weakened, so they are brought more to his level. Chaos provides opportunities for him to advance, because there are problems to be solved. His strategy is effectively a political version of war profiteering.

Long version: Varys said that he does what he does for the good of the realm. Littlefinger said that the realm is a lie, and there is only the individual. Varys says that without a national identity, the people will be thrown into chaos. He compared it to a pit that swallows us all; oblivion that you cannot escape from.
Littlefinger then says that chaos isn’t a pit, it’s a ladder. He contradicts Varys by saying that instead of chaos being something you’re trapped in, it’s something you use to get out of a pit. It’s a way to reach heights that you have not reached before. Littlefinger sets up a dichotomy: While others thrive on order and structure, he thrives on Chaos. Chaos is how Littlefinger advances in society.
Now he goes on to explain how people try to climb the ladder (take advantage of opportunities not otherwise open to them) but lack the political astuteness or cunning to do so safely. They “fall”, which is to say that they die. Here we see Ros, dead. Another example of this might be when Ned Stark tried to briefly seize power from Joffrey because he was not Robert’s true born son, although his motives were far different and he was essentially forced into it.
Then Littlefinger says that others refuse to climb at all, preferring safety and comfort — the realm, Gods, or love. He dismisses these notions as illusions, and asserts that the climb is all there is while Sansa watches his ship.
Essentially, Littlefinger is supporting a moral doctrine that says everyone ought to be out for themselves. The only purpose in life is to gain power, and all other things - patriotism, love, religious faith - are lies. Only the accumulation of power is “real” to Littlefinger. And that power can be accumulated through chaos, by using upheaval to rearrange things so that you are on top.

Source: Can someone explain Littlefinger’s “Chaos is a ladder” speech to me?
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    • June 14th, 2014

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    What is the most interesting fact you know about a movie?

    Answer by Vedant Das Swain:

    • Liam Neeson didn’t accept the role of James Bond because his to-be wife would have refused to marry him. The role later went to Pierce Brosnan.
    • Tom Cruise was the initial choice for the role of Tony Stark in Iron-Man.
    • Will Smith was approached to play Neo in Matrix.
    • Robert De Niro rejected an offer to play Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.
    • Sean Connery turned down the role of Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings because he didn’t understand the story.
    • Inception is the first Christopher Nolan movie (with a major theatrical release) that is not an adaptive work.
    • Brad Pitt told the producers of Se7en that he will quit if they change the ending.
    • Jennifer Aniston was considered for the role of Rose in Titanic.
    • Bollywood is the largest film industry in terms of movies produced per year.
    • Adolf Hitler’s favourite movie was King Kong.
    • It takes 666 minutes to completely watch the Saw series,
    • 1999-2000 was the worst hunting season on record because enthusiastic hikers scared the animals after watching The Blair Witch Project.
    • Fans of the Halo video game franchise wanted to sue the producers of Avatar for copying their suits. Cameron silenced them by pointing out that Halo borrowed many concepts from his own Alien franchise.
    • Alien was supposed to have a male protagonist, but this was changed because writers felt that a lone woman survivor is more unexpected.
    • There are no explosion, fluids or swaying long hair in Toy Story because of technological limitations.

    (Will update if I come across more)

    EDIT: I had stated earlier that- Casino Royale is the only James Bond movie without the lines, “The name is Bond. James Bond.” This is wrong as pointed out by Utkarsh Sankrityayan in the comments. Thanks.
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    • June 5th, 2014

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    What are some of the biggest lies ever told?

    Answer by Mrigank Gupta:

    The fact that she is Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates. If you google “Bill Gates’ daughter”, you ll find the following pic.

    This is a photo of Rachael Leigh Cook. She is 32!!!
    Rachael Leigh Cook

    Bill Gate’s daughter Jennifer was born in 1996. She looks like this:-


    Two things:-

    One i am not a stalker of daughters of wealthy business men. I actually googled “best microsoft product” and she was the first result in the images section. After digging into it for 15 mins found it to be one of the biggest lies…
    It seems on social media, its quite popular for fb pages to put Rachel’s photo and caption it as best microsoft product..

    After going through the suggestion in one of the comments, i looked up the same thing on Bing (search engine owned by Microsoft). But ended up getting very similar results. Only different photos of Rachael Cook. However the actual photo did come up while scrolling down and definitely faster than in case of google.
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    • June 4th, 2014

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    What’s the best answer you have heard or given to the question “Why should we select you?”

    Answer by Gaurav Singh:

    This was asked for an analytics position in a major bank at US. The question was “We believe that people who get poor grades in college will have higher tendency to perform poorly in the corporate set up too and therefore, we don’t hire people with poor grades.Given your poor grades, why should we hire you?”

    I answered, “Your hypothesis is assumption based and not data driven. Even if your hypothesis is true, you need people like me who would serve as data points to test your hypothesis statistically.”

    Got hired.
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    • May 14th, 2014

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    What are some things that the Indians do best?

    Answer by Sarthak Pranit:

    The word is 'JUGAAD'

    We have an inherent potential to pull off amazing feats at the weirdest of times in the weirdest of places using the weirdest of things.

    Coupled motorcyles - we saw this coming since the petrol hike got effected.

    Immediate and quick fixes from sheer embarrassment.

    There is no such thing like “No place left in the train” for us.
    Split Air Cooling at its best.

    "If you dont have a seat, create it"

    Because calling the plumber to fix the sink is just too mainstream
    And that’s how you increase the longevity of your bike’s battery.
    If thanda!=coca cola, then coca cola is not coca cola :P

    All I need to drive that pump is energy. Ok, Raju, get me my old bike. Somebody’s got some stuff to do :P

    We do not waste plastic :P

    Because, adjusting the hot and cold taps everyday is jsut a pain in the ass.

    I am not a dog to stand in the front and hang out my tongue.

    Western+Indian isshtyle :P

    I needed some juice, and I had the sausage knob and my drill in front of me.

    Because that firangi meter could never tell me exactly how much petrol I had left.

    Ok, now even I am speechless!!!

    Every cricket stump of gully cricket is the first step to jugaad for every child in India.

    Again, we do not waste plastic. The cheapest chandelier of current times.
    Because, the customer asked for foamed coffee - throw pressure from the cooker :D

    Because the gas got over and I bloody need my evening tea.
    Just cuse a piece of it is broken doesn’t mean that it does not work.
    A washing machine that works with a cycle. Gives you enough workout for the whole family.
    Why buy a specific cooler for my desktop for my CPU when I already have an AC?

    All I need to ride this thing is some balance.
    India- the symbiotic society where even our goats are trained.

    Because, updating that “Damn, its coilinggggg :D” on FB just cant wait :P

    Mirror mirror on my wall, why the hell did you fall?

    Because coils are just too smoky.

    There is never a thing like ‘Not enough space’ :P
    The truly split AC :P
    And when we say that we are coming, Boy we are coming!!!

    Mansukh Bhai Prajapati and his Mitti Cool fridge - a fridge made from clay.

    In case, you are still keen on more of what we Indian’s do the best, here’s a Discovery documentary on our attempts at Jugaad.

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    • May 4th, 2014

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    What level do you see Eclipse in?

    Now-a-days most of the java users are very familiar with this ubiquitous application, Eclipse. Most of know Eclipse to be a Java IDE. Basically it spans over so many aspects, not only being tenacious for Java IDE. Some of PHP, Python Developers know it as their ones. As I told, it’s ubiquitous. I would love to mention the areas it covers in toto.

    Eclipse an IDE: Not much to say about the IDE it provides. But I would like to add some values to it. We know that we can code in any programming language using Eclipse IDE. But how? I will discuss in the respective following section. : Eclipse Happy User

    Eclipse as Plugin Framework: This is where the actual idea got instilled. It provides framework to developers with a very efficient framework to develop plugins. Basically Eclipse was totally onto an idea for Java IDE. The third party plugin developers are welcome to contribute their plugins to extend its basic functionality. : Eclipse Plugin Developer

    Eclipse as a Platform: In the aforesaid section, I have discussed about the prodigious aspect of Eclipse as a Platform for plugins. On our per diem basis, we confront JSP Editors, JS Editors, Java Editors. All are ramified into this category. : Eclipse Plugin Developer

    Eclipse as Integration Framework: This is the highest level of integration and complex applications I have seen with Eclipse. One of the nice example is to be able to create the entire development life cycle of your complex engineering activities in to the eclipse. Starting from System Requirements, Software Requirements, Component Design, Function Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Delivery and finally Issue Tracking into Eclipse. : Happy Application Integrator

    Enveloping the Globe with internet veil

    Let me ask you a question. How much of earth’s population uses internet? Are you thinking it to be more than 50%. To be true, it’s not. It’s less than 25%. But the truth of getting your hands sprawled out, you need internet. To go beyond the tradition you need internet. It’s the hardcore truth. But how could you expect it to be done? By 2050. Hmmmm. It has been started by the technical giant, Google. They started with a project - “Project Loon”. Yes, it’s rhythmical Balloon. They insinuated a humongous balloon crammed with Solar Cell, Intercensors to co-operate with other balloons  These ballons will be afloat in Stratosphere, more than 20 kms from ground level. A real effort to reach the nooks and corners of our planet. Get a gander on the following url for further references.


    WOLFPACK : The Inception

    First of all, I strived to keep this blog for technological preaches but I am compelled (by my conscience) to jot down this post. Let’s have the disclaimer first.

    All characters appearing in this post are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, intoxicated or not, is totally coincidental

    It was 14th June, 2013. My 2nd Team Outing in my first company. But I would enamor to have it again. All began with enlisting 30 people but 24 made it. We had so much of fun inclusive of all shites. But the special one which I am pointing to is the cherishable “ROUND TABLE BOOZING”. Sorry for my satyrs if I couldn’t make it properly. I don’t want you to be addled. It’s not analogous to “ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE”. LOL. It’s a special imbibing session for bibulous peoples. Not everyone but some. Some are seasoned and some are seasonal. I don’t want to categorize myself. But I would love to be presumptuous in doing the same for others.

    1. Aravind Andagunda: For readers’, don’t get confused with “ANACONDA”. As per as I remember, he had chugged some what 8-9 bottles of Carlsberg or Tuborg. The actual ANACONDA then started devouring the people attending the so called boozing session. But I would love to say, he spoke his heart. This is the first time I interacted with him properly and it made me write this. But one question, How do you like seeing John Ceena playing soccer? Oh sorry, wrong question. You have already seen that. Haven’t you?

    2. Arun G: You know that when I was in college, “G” was a reserved keyword. You can ask him what it was. Even I thought of asking him whether his surname had the same dilemma or not. Let it be. If Aravind is reading this and finding me to kill for denoting him as ANACONDA, then kill Arun first cos he is your culprit. Jokes apart. I thought of tagging Arun as “BRET LEE" when I saw him bowling. But one thing I would love to ask Arun, How could you miss that goal? But seriously speaking, you are a real champ in football also. No hyperbole intended.

    3. Celestine Jacob: The more evanescent person I felt. Though you are on this list cos you were a part of the WOLFPACK at last.

    4. Jitender Shhhhh: Have I misspelt it? If yes, then please do correct me. But I swear, Team B won the TOSS game. Though you were declared winner. OKie. Some time, it happens. I know :P. But to be serious, you hold a cap of “THE UNDEFEATED CAPTAIN”. Some of your co-players tagged you as “KAPIL DEV”. I wouldn’t say much as most of your traits have already been lauded by the great Aravind. I guess you remember those ones.

    5. Manu KS: Hey guys, “KS" is his surname. Don’t miscomprehend. As per as I remember (as I haven’t taken any roofie), he missed a great deal (Manu: Remember the Toss Game FIXING). We even missed that enthusiasm in the evening session which you showed in the morning in coming so early before resort did open. :P

    6. Manjunath Tale******: He is a real “Tale”-eater. For a reference to non-kannadigas, it’s head. No pun hinted. This is the first time I interacted with this guy mostly and I found he isn’t really a “LADKI BAAZ”.

    7. Nagesh Sharma: He really f***ed my leg. It’s okay. It also happens. But as a part of the wolfpack, he really rocked it.

    8. Naresh Ponnam: Beware image. It’s not “POONAM”. Don’t ever think to challenge him for bottom surf. Remember, he is The Sankey Tank.

    9. Naveen L: You know the L is his surname, not for being LOVER BOY.

    10. Sandeep Kamath: We should show myriad of gratitude to this person. We wouldn’t have had this without his tremendous effort. Being a porker also, I didn’t expect him as a very good batsman. He really had it on the football field also. He really made this outing.
    N.B:  I think you guys want the pictures taken that night. Just contact him. (or if you want I can post it here :P)

    11. Senthil C: Another disclaimer: All writings mentioned about Senthil is not because he is my manager, but also as a colleague.
    Though the games weren’t that much interesting, his effort to make it spicy and interesting is really laudable. Everyone appreciated it even.

    Senthil: You were badly craving for your feedback. It’s where you will get it. By the way, I got a swimming student for you. Don’t forget my commission.

    Don’t you guys dare to forget his umpiring skills? Wasn’t it praise-worthy?

    12. Shravan Pagolu: You know there is a Bengali word - “Paglu”. It means “crazy”. Isn’t he? Arun asked me to guess Shravan’s age. I got it wrong. Can anyone of you guess it?

    13. Vikas Rao: He is “Steve Prefontaine”. Don’t get perplexed. I thought of naming him “Usain Bolt" but he’s still alive. Once Vikas gets on the field, "UNKA AATMA GHUS JATA HAI”.
    Vikas: Did you get caught while driving back home?

    14. Vinodh Kumarn: I remember his name got a little bit of tweaking. Isn’t it “Vinodhn”? One of the most seasoned ones. He saved goals like Fabien Barthez, dribbled like Iniesta, bent the ball like Beckham. I was all but forgetting, The photography credit goes to Vinodh and Sandeep. Can we have a great applause for them?

    Concluding the post with an expectation of continuing the journey in the next one. What do you say, WOLFPACK?

    On campus Job is an OOP Concept within

    The title is a teensy weensy murky. It doesn’t elicit a lot. Let’s start with an universal tradition we all follow. Our parents want to get us to a good institution. Even we do relish for the same. We crave for the ultimate ones. So did I five years back. Being a “BONAFIDE” student of NIT Durgapur, I would like to share some of the concepts that I felt, I harbored, I observed. Everything that we think before getting into a good college is an “ABSTRACTION”. We strive for the best and if luck gets a favor, we get into good institution. Mine one favored. We think of having the best jobs after getting into a reputed institution. But being a candid guy, we don’t lucubrate that much on books.

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