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This is Amit Kumar Mondal and I'm a 2012 B.TECH graduate from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur (NIT Durgapur) in IT. Currently I am working at Schneider Electric Global Technology Center, India (R&D). This is my personal blog which I have created for keeping my thoughts in a place where it could be immaculate. I don't love to be ostentatious or pedant. It's what I really am. I am frantic in exploring the unxeplored. This is what is inside me. That's why it is nomenclatured "AMIT INSIDE".

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What level do you see Eclipse in?

Now-a-days most of the java users are very familiar with this ubiquitous application, Eclipse. Most of know Eclipse to be a Java IDE. Basically it spans over so many aspects, not only being tenacious for Java IDE. Some of PHP, Python Developers know it as their ones. As I told, it’s ubiquitous. I would love to mention the areas it covers in toto.

Eclipse an IDE: Not much to say about the IDE it provides. But I would like to add some values to it. We know that we can code in any programming language using Eclipse IDE. But how? I will discuss in the respective following section. : Eclipse Happy User

Eclipse as Plugin Framework: This is where the actual idea got instilled. It provides framework to developers with a very efficient framework to develop plugins. Basically Eclipse was totally onto an idea for Java IDE. The third party plugin developers are welcome to contribute their plugins to extend its basic functionality. : Eclipse Plugin Developer

Eclipse as a Platform: In the aforesaid section, I have discussed about the prodigious aspect of Eclipse as a Platform for plugins. On our per diem basis, we confront JSP Editors, JS Editors, Java Editors. All are ramified into this category. : Eclipse Plugin Developer

Eclipse as Integration Framework: This is the highest level of integration and complex applications I have seen with Eclipse. One of the nice example is to be able to create the entire development life cycle of your complex engineering activities in to the eclipse. Starting from System Requirements, Software Requirements, Component Design, Function Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Delivery and finally Issue Tracking into Eclipse. : Happy Application Integrator

Enveloping the Globe with internet veil

Let me ask you a question. How much of earth’s population uses internet? Are you thinking it to be more than 50%. To be true, it’s not. It’s less than 25%. But the truth of getting your hands sprawled out, you need internet. To go beyond the tradition you need internet. It’s the hardcore truth. But how could you expect it to be done? By 2050. Hmmmm. It has been started by the technical giant, Google. They started with a project - “Project Loon”. Yes, it’s rhythmical Balloon. They insinuated a humongous balloon crammed with Solar Cell, Intercensors to co-operate with other balloons  These ballons will be afloat in Stratosphere, more than 20 kms from ground level. A real effort to reach the nooks and corners of our planet. Get a gander on the following url for further references.


WOLFPACK : The Inception

First of all, I strived to keep this blog for technological preaches but I am compelled (by my conscience) to jot down this post. Let’s have the disclaimer first.

All characters appearing in this post are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, intoxicated or not, is totally coincidental

It was 14th June, 2013. My 2nd Team Outing in my first company. But I would enamor to have it again. All began with enlisting 30 people but 24 made it. We had so much of fun inclusive of all shites. But the special one which I am pointing to is the cherishable “ROUND TABLE BOOZING”. Sorry for my satyrs if I couldn’t make it properly. I don’t want you to be addled. It’s not analogous to “ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE”. LOL. It’s a special imbibing session for bibulous peoples. Not everyone but some. Some are seasoned and some are seasonal. I don’t want to categorize myself. But I would love to be presumptuous in doing the same for others.

1. Aravind Andagunda: For readers’, don’t get confused with “ANACONDA”. As per as I remember, he had chugged some what 8-9 bottles of Carlsberg or Tuborg. The actual ANACONDA then started devouring the people attending the so called boozing session. But I would love to say, he spoke his heart. This is the first time I interacted with him properly and it made me write this. But one question, How do you like seeing John Ceena playing soccer? Oh sorry, wrong question. You have already seen that. Haven’t you?

2. Arun G: You know that when I was in college, “G” was a reserved keyword. You can ask him what it was. Even I thought of asking him whether his surname had the same dilemma or not. Let it be. If Aravind is reading this and finding me to kill for denoting him as ANACONDA, then kill Arun first cos he is your culprit. Jokes apart. I thought of tagging Arun as “BRET LEE" when I saw him bowling. But one thing I would love to ask Arun, How could you miss that goal? But seriously speaking, you are a real champ in football also. No hyperbole intended.

3. Celestine Jacob: The more evanescent person I felt. Though you are on this list cos you were a part of the WOLFPACK at last.

4. Jitender Shhhhh: Have I misspelt it? If yes, then please do correct me. But I swear, Team B won the TOSS game. Though you were declared winner. OKie. Some time, it happens. I know :P. But to be serious, you hold a cap of “THE UNDEFEATED CAPTAIN”. Some of your co-players tagged you as “KAPIL DEV”. I wouldn’t say much as most of your traits have already been lauded by the great Aravind. I guess you remember those ones.

5. Manu KS: Hey guys, “KS" is his surname. Don’t miscomprehend. As per as I remember (as I haven’t taken any roofie), he missed a great deal (Manu: Remember the Toss Game FIXING). We even missed that enthusiasm in the evening session which you showed in the morning in coming so early before resort did open. :P

6. Manjunath Tale******: He is a real “Tale”-eater. For a reference to non-kannadigas, it’s head. No pun hinted. This is the first time I interacted with this guy mostly and I found he isn’t really a “LADKI BAAZ”.

7. Nagesh Sharma: He really f***ed my leg. It’s okay. It also happens. But as a part of the wolfpack, he really rocked it.

8. Naresh Ponnam: Beware image. It’s not “POONAM”. Don’t ever think to challenge him for bottom surf. Remember, he is The Sankey Tank.

9. Naveen L: You know the L is his surname, not for being LOVER BOY.

10. Sandeep Kamath: We should show myriad of gratitude to this person. We wouldn’t have had this without his tremendous effort. Being a porker also, I didn’t expect him as a very good batsman. He really had it on the football field also. He really made this outing.
N.B:  I think you guys want the pictures taken that night. Just contact him. (or if you want I can post it here :P)

11. Senthil C: Another disclaimer: All writings mentioned about Senthil is not because he is my manager, but also as a colleague.
Though the games weren’t that much interesting, his effort to make it spicy and interesting is really laudable. Everyone appreciated it even.

Senthil: You were badly craving for your feedback. It’s where you will get it. By the way, I got a swimming student for you. Don’t forget my commission.

Don’t you guys dare to forget his umpiring skills? Wasn’t it praise-worthy?

12. Shravan Pagolu: You know there is a Bengali word - “Paglu”. It means “crazy”. Isn’t he? Arun asked me to guess Shravan’s age. I got it wrong. Can anyone of you guess it?

13. Vikas Rao: He is “Steve Prefontaine”. Don’t get perplexed. I thought of naming him “Usain Bolt" but he’s still alive. Once Vikas gets on the field, "UNKA AATMA GHUS JATA HAI”.
Vikas: Did you get caught while driving back home?

14. Vinodh Kumarn: I remember his name got a little bit of tweaking. Isn’t it “Vinodhn”? One of the most seasoned ones. He saved goals like Fabien Barthez, dribbled like Iniesta, bent the ball like Beckham. I was all but forgetting, The photography credit goes to Vinodh and Sandeep. Can we have a great applause for them?

Concluding the post with an expectation of continuing the journey in the next one. What do you say, WOLFPACK?

On campus Job is an OOP Concept within

The title is a teensy weensy murky. It doesn’t elicit a lot. Let’s start with an universal tradition we all follow. Our parents want to get us to a good institution. Even we do relish for the same. We crave for the ultimate ones. So did I five years back. Being a “BONAFIDE” student of NIT Durgapur, I would like to share some of the concepts that I felt, I harbored, I observed. Everything that we think before getting into a good college is an “ABSTRACTION”. We strive for the best and if luck gets a favor, we get into good institution. Mine one favored. We think of having the best jobs after getting into a reputed institution. But being a candid guy, we don’t lucubrate that much on books.

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  • Posted 10 months ago
  • May 29th, 2013

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Good Old Days - Develop games like Mario

It’s really a long long time, I am insinuating myself to blogging. Here, I would like to showcase some vestiges that we have left behind although we liked the most. Muse over those MARIO or CONTRA days when we were so engrossed over such 2D games. Even for me I miss my GOOD OLD DAYS. I miss such a mere feature in thy high-end 3D world. Now it’s time to get your time back. Have you ever thought of building your own games like mario or contra? Yes, of course we can. "ARIANNE". It’s a multiplayer online games framework for 2D games. If possible, I would try my best to regress else I would live as it is. It’s totally built on Java. So get your hands dirty to get something back which has been taken from us.

Pedagogy for Java : A new way of entrancing

What if teaching Java to children gets easier than you think? Even you can assure on what the manifesto is. It’s more of casting spell than to follow some drab steps to get to the final outcome. But what does a casting spell mean here? Hey, come on. It’s none other than a “First Person Video Game” from UCSD (University of California, San Diego). It’s more of fun than of learning some weird concept of Java. Please do watch the video link at the bottom which takes you to a tour of this game. But how does it relate to Java?

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Big Data : What is it?

I was ransacking some of good articles in tumblr and I confronted an overt quote for Big Data. it says what Big Data is in succinct.

"Big data is what happened when the cost of keeping information became less than the cost of throwing it away."

This is what it promulgates. Do you really concur on this? I do and you?

Internet Fight of the Day: The Largest DDoS Attack Ever?
The Dutch web hosting service Cyberbunker has launched an online war against the anti-spam organization Spamhaus for blacklisting the company as a spammer earlier this month. [[MORE]] According to the New York Times, Cyberbunker’s distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have reached the unprecedented volume of 300 billion bits per second, making it one of the largest-scale DDoS attacks in history.

Internet Fight of the Day: The Largest DDoS Attack Ever?

The Dutch web hosting service Cyberbunker has launched an online war against the anti-spam organization Spamhaus for blacklisting the company as a spammer earlier this month.

(via thedailywhat)

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  • April 5th, 2013

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The Best Programmer in the world

Today, I was browsing over articles in stumbleupon and I found quite a weird question. Who is the best programmer in the world? Even it’s not a cinch or cakewalk to decide the person who will be bestowed to this title. Let’s take a wild guess. (Please don’t say any of the developers of programming languages). Then what will it be? I have quite aspired it after making use of google. I came up with a name.

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Reminscing Good Old Hack Days

On the brink of getting suffused with medley of colors, I cherished some older memories - the good old hacking days. Ya, of course I know that I do bear a proclivity of ethical hacking. It’s all because that seminar from McAfee, I attended today. Even that’s not for making us sessioned on malware writing. It’s because of their product marketing. You can consider this as a wacky or a knack.

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  • March 27th, 2013

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Plugin Framework of Your Choice

Since I became a corporate guy, I am involved in modular application development (aka Plugin). I am a big fan of OSGi. But I was frantic to get a good knowledge of some other plugin development frameworks. I soield my hands on this. I have prepared a list of PDF (Plugin Development Framework). The list is as follows:

  1. OSGi (Previously Known as Open Services Gateway Initiative)
  2. JPF (Java Plugin Framework)
  3. JSPF (java Simple Plugin Framework)
  4. Jin-plugin

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The future of OSGi

It’s a kind of quirk for me to talk about OSGi most of the times as I am having a relish for this. It’s really important to know something more about how OSGi can change the “FUTURE”. Those who wants to start learning OSGi or already started just few days back, will find it a little bit difficult to understand. Even you can feel the quagmire to code in OSGi. It’s not that much tough to get used to OSGi.

OSGi is getting ubiquitous in all the Java platforms including Java SE, Java EE and Java ME.

Why do we need OSGi?. 

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